Message page doesn't exist

When going to I get redirected to 404 page. Private messages seem to be enabled but the page doesn’t load. Is there anything extra I need to enable access?

The exact error on the page is

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Are you logged in as a valid user with access to that page?

Yes, I’m logged in as a normal use and admin, both don’t work

Do you have any third party plugins installed? Have you tried in safe mode?

It’s a fresh install with no plugins. Haven’t tried in safe mode.

What about if you visit: ?

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Problem solved, turns out discourse tries to get a JSON file from topics/private-messages/(user).JSON and I had a rewrite from imported forum to re write /topic/ to /t/. Is there a way have this file stored somewhere else so that it works and I can rewrite old forum links too?

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