Making group joins automatic to an external pricing plan

Hello, I have a self hosted discourse site and I want to connect group joins to my pricing plans on external site to give members access to categories when they purchase a subscription from my website. Any ideas on how to pull this feature off?

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Are you using Discourse connect?

If not you can have a plugin that queries your site on login and/or have your site update user groups via the API.

Do I have to do any coding for this to work?

It is possible to do what you want with a so-called “no code” platform. But that platform would either have to support Discourse directly or you’d have to use generic processes to access the Discourse API for your site.

There may be a plugin to assist, depending on your chosen services/tools. :+1:


Probably. If your site is wordpress then wp-discourse can be configured to support several membership plugins. There is code required, but you can find examples.

If your site is something else then we can’t help without knowing what it is, but it’ll likely require coding. If your can describe your setup and have a budget you can post in #marketplace

My site is made on Wix. Thanks!

What are you using to sell the pricing plans? Does Wix have some form of membership model, or are you using a third party to sell some form of subscription.

We need to know where the membership data is held to be able to advise you whether Discourse can get at and use that info.

Wix has an App called Pricing Plans that I installed on the site. It is basically a pre-built widget made by Wix.

I couldn’t see that one on - could you provide us with a link?

You’re going to need to point us at what you’re using and any documentation if you want us to help you figure this out.

Is the content being sold on your Wix site, or is the plan for it to only be available through your Discourse instance? if the latter have you looked at this?

Sure, let me get on Desktop real quick.

It is a plan being sold on my Wix Site.

Sure, but is that because the site contains some of whatever it is you’re selling, or just because Wix offers you some way to sell it?

If you aren’t providing any of your membership content through the WIX site you could simplify the workflow by using the subscriptions plugin above.

Here is the link to the app by the way:

How do I connect the Wix-Pricing-Plans API to Discourse?

Order Purchased Webhook | REST API Reference | and see Use the Zapier Discourse Zap Templates

That seems to be working but the only issue is I can’t remove them if they cancel or it expires.

I just realized that it is adding all users that are on my forum to the group when only one user bought the subscription. I don’t know how to fix this.