Making user profile fields mandatory

Hi, I am looking for a way to ensure new and more importantly, existing users complete all parts of their user profiles, beyond just name and email address - is there a way to do this?

The background is I am trying to serve a very narrow and focused private professional community, and want to exclude people who may not actually belong but have already signed up in order to market to that community or to otherwise monitor the sensitive material sometimes discussed.

In a development environment, a freelancer I engaged has managed to migrate a bunch of users to a new Discourse forum, complete with their posts, from a combination of a Yahoo groups forum and a MyBB forum that I have previously run for this community

Only around half the imported users (the ones from MyBB) had supplied sufficient info in their profiles for current purposes however, and I cannot see a way to ensure future signups provide full information either.

I don’t want to destroy user links to existing posts by forcing all users to sign up again, but I do want those users who have not established that they fit within the target demographic to lose ongoing access until they supply further info.


Overriding existing Discourse methods (template.hbs, class controller)

Write your plugin

Perhaps with the Custom Wizard plugin?

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We use Wordpress with the wp_discourse plugin, and are looking into doing this on the Wordpress side. Currently, Users log into Wordpress first and then are taken to discourse. We will change this to redirect them to a dashboard in Wordpress where we can nudge them (or even require them) to complete a form before getting back to the forum.