Ability to force members to update user fields

I have an older forum, with a lot of members. The members details may be out of date, and for security we need to ensure that the members profiles are up to date, especially the user fields we ask them to fill in at sign up.

How can I get the users to navigate to fill this in before going any further? Would it be best practice to have a pop up encouraging them or is it possible to make this mandatory?

To be clear, we don’t rule with an iron fist - but security is paramount.


If you need to make this mandatory, as far as I know, discourse does not have such a feature. Therefore, you need a plugin to do this. Maybe you can try Custom Wizards?


I once made a theme component that redirected to a certain page unless a certain action had happened (they’d joined a group).

If the current_user model has a indicator of whether they have filled out the info, you can redirect to their profile until they’ve updated it. It’s a little bit user-hostile, though.

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