Manual trigger to recalculate badges and trust level

(Rahul Bansal) #1

We have moved a very old bbPress forum to Discourse and loving every bit of new forum. :smile:

We have thousands of users and posts. And many users have contributed a lot in past 5 years. (old forum was almost 5 year old)

It will be good if discourse adds a small feature (may be rake task) to recalculate badges based on past contribution. It might benefit:

  1. Sites moving to discourse from old platform
  2. Changes to Trust Level settings may trigger recalculation.

I hope other discourse users will find this useful.


(cpradio) #2

I’m confused. I thought this already existed as a sidekiq job… (called BadgeGrant)

(Rahul Bansal) #3

I think that calculate per action. Does not recalculate everything.

(cpradio) #4

I know there is a process that backfills badges. So if a badge is added/enabled later on, when it runs, it will award that badge to all users who have the qualifications for it. So I’m fairly certain this one exists… But the trust level one is slightly different. You are likely running into the following bug which makes it difficult to obtain and potentially keep your trust level.

(Sam Saffron) #5

The daily backfill is global, it fills all the holes.