Manually move users to Trust Level 1

Hi! I am trying to set up login and entering my company’s platform in a way that is as easy as possible for users but still guarantees us a level of control.

My idea is to have a sign up based entry. Visitors can view content, but need to sign up to post. I would configure the platform to have users enter at Trust Level 0 and then move them manually to Level 1 once we have reviewed their information.

My question is: Does that seem reasonable, or am I overcomplicating things? And 1) how I can find users that have just signed up to review them (do moderators get a notification?) and 2) how can I move users manually to Trust Level 1?


Apart from wanting to manually move all new members as they join to TL1, your idea sounds fine. Manually doing the move may become cumbersome later on, why not adjust the TL1 settings to match your current criteria?

Unless you set it so new users are approved using the must approve users site setting, reviewing them as they sign up will require you manually search user the new user list over at /admin/users/list/new. It is only with the approve user sign up enabled that you’d get a notification for sign ups.

From the admin users list over at /admin/users/list, you have to manually go through each user profile and change their Trust Level in the Permissions section.


Thanks for the quick reply! I think that having them enter at Trust Level 0 and adjusting the TL1 criteria seems like the best idea.