Can multiple replies be marked as the solution?

We would like to use the solved plugin but we find on our forum that often the solution is spread across multiple replies. Is it possible to mark multiple replies as the solution?


Only one reply can be marked as the solution. If the solution is spread across multiple posts, maybe a user on your site could create a post that aggregates the topic’s posts. That post could then be marked as the solution.


Is there any chance I could make a feature request for allowing multiple replies?

That is not something we plan to do, as it would make everything far more complicated.


The problem with this approach is that it’s not clear who is credited with the solution.

I just encountered this very situation in a Discourse-based forum - 2 users gave independent and complementary parts of the solution, yet I am unable to credit them both.

Please change your mind and consider this.


yes, this is needed for many cases…
1 more vote for an enhancement +1

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Why not just do another post that ties the other two posts together (as quotes) and mark that the solution?