Markdown base62 image name vs. full <img> path?


An image uploaded through pasting has a markdown tagged address :


which seems to use the shorter base62 filename as discussed here.

But, using the base62 in a direct link does not work. Should it?

The absolute image path still seems to be the old hex encoding, as this does work:

How can I reconcile the two? How does this work?
Is there any setting to switch back to using the hex encoding in the md tags?

I like to cross-post images from my discourse forum on my website, and this makes it difficult to get the cross-postable URLs.


No, that’s currently not possible.

The Markdown engine converts the short filename into an actual HTML link that points to the file. I’m sorry, it’s not possible to switch back to the previous behavior.

The easiest solution is to copy the URL of the image after posting.


Blimey. :crying_cat_face:
Thanks for the response.

This means that what was great is broken for me now, and I don’t see any easy solution. (Devoid of a lot of clicking.)

I like to host my images in discourse so that when I post on wordpress, and it links back to discourse via wp-discourse plugin, there’s no duplicate image storage.

If I figure something out, I’ll report.


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