System auto converts images in HTML into markdown, breaking them

NOTE: I reported this bug on a different forum at first, but somebody told me it should probably go on here. This post is directly copied from that forum.
This is a rather obscure issue, but if you try and do something like this in HTML

<p><img style="display=inline-block;" src="upload://tbEylS4iHyycxJFPT1cnaUFc17U.png" alt="Check" data-base62-sha1="tbEylS4iHyycxJFPT1cnaUFc17U" width="15" height="15"> Solved by <a href="">Pixlz</a> in <a href="">post #1</a></p>

Just for the funny in a PM to trick some friends, it should work like this. (taken from a discourse test site)

It works for 5 minutes, but @system auto edits it and it breaks, turning into markdown.

Note that Discourse also does this, but it weirdly doesn’t break like it does here.

Trying to put the upload:// as the image doesn’t work, it only works on a real website, which is why it isn’t working.

It ends up doing this for some reason, it changes after about 5 minutes

What I posted is just an example of this, it does it to any image embedded within HTML.

original thread on that forum, as I said I was told that this should probably go here instead, because it’s a default behavior of system.

This is fixed in 2.9 beta, but it looks like the roblox forum you linked is on an older version. More details over in this topic:


Thanks, do you know what version in specific? I dont think you can publicly check it.

You can view source and see the version and commit.

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Yep, seems like it’s using 2.8.3, thanks.

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