Marked as solved, Vote Replenishing & Querying


We are using the voting plugin as a way to determine the priority of the bugs our community wants to be fixed based on the most amount of votes. We have a couple of questions about the plugin.

From reading this:

Is it possible to give back a vote if the topic is marked as solved?

As a feature request, could we have the option to set every X amount of days/weeks/months etc. the user is given X amount of votes back?
For example, every month the user receives 10 new votes

As for querying, using the data explorer, is there a way to query the votes on each topic?


I don’t think it currently is, so a common practice is to set an auto-close timer so topics are closed on being solved. Set for a day or two it allows folks to ask follow up questions, and then closes, releasing the votes.

Releasing on solved would be quite useful for other scenarios, to be sure. :slight_smile:


We didn’t think about using the auto-close timer feature, that might work.