Max Accounts per IP Setting

There’s already a half setting for this, titles “max new accounts per IP”. The only issue with this is it only prevents TL2 and below accounts from doing this. This would prevent TL3/4 users from doing that as well.

My site has a rule against 3 or more IPs. It’s a bit hard to enforce this rule, so this would be really helpful.

This setting would prevent signup from users on an IP if there’s 3 existing accounts. IPs that have staff accounts would be exempt from the limit, but this would be amazing for enforcing this rule.

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You mean that you don’t want a single user to have more than 3 accounts? It’s trivial to go to a coffee shop to get a new IP (and there are a zillion other ways to get a different IP while at home in your pajamas if someone wants to bother to try).

I’d say that you’re going to have to enforce this with community rules rather than technology.

Of course I only realized this was #feature and not #support after I’d writtten the whole message, or I’d not said anything. :person_shrugging:

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Sorry. I typed this on my phone.

But yes, users may only have 3 accounts unless we give them permission.

But at that point, when they get home and login again, the account will be placed under that IP, and something can happen like the account can be flagged under something like “User has created more than 3 accounts under this IP”

Only issue I possibly see with this is if you’re ad something like a convention and 100 people there are logged into the same forum and accounts start getting flagged out do nowhere. At that point it’s probably up to the site moderators to be familiar with their users, but that’s besides the point.

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The same could be said of schools, coffee shops, etc. Any location which NATs a bunch of wireless clients will throw up false positives.

Allowing individual users any additional accounts is going to create an added support burden. Why do they need more than one?


I’ve allowed it for quite a bit now but I may end up banning it completely. All it is at this point is just users speedrunning trust levels…

The only non alts here is 2468, Crcoli, Tms, and Solvie. The rest are alts completely exploding my inbox which is not helpful at all.
I like having alts personally when I don’t want to do something on my main account or I need a personal account on places such as Twitter which is why I have always allowed alt accounts, but with this small rule in place.

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As the admin you have a legitimate reason to use a second account - to experience what your users do.

I would rely on fingerprinting to spot dupes and ignore the IP issue completely.


I’m a bit confused now.

Three accounts is totally different thing than three IP-addresses. And that is totally different thing than having three or more different users who are sharing same IP.

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I think I wrote my post poorly, so I’ll rewrite it when I’m back on my desktop.

What I mean is 3 accounts per IP, similar to the “max new accounts per IP” setting, but not limited to TL2.

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I’m still confused. Why would you limit registration using IP that is not chosen by users but given by ISP?

I’m living near capital of Finland and I’m client of the biggest ISP here. That means here, at this area, is at least 15 000 customers are under same IP. So three of us could be a member of your community but not the fourth one because of technical solution? What’s the point?

Almost, or every, ISP is using NAT. It is not only routers of households that are giving same public IP to every devices. And that is the strongest point not to limit or control using IP-addresses.


That’s not true, most ISPs have vast blocks of IP ranges and issue one address to each customer device, the NAT occurs behind the local router.

Maybe Finland is different, but there are a total of 14.3M addresses allocated to ranges in the country and a a population of only 5.5 million it seems unlikely. Are you maybe confusing unique public IPs with subnets or ranges?

The below data is pretty old and incomplete, but gives some sense of scale:

Finnish ISPs
Owner Total Addresses
Alajarven Puhelinosuuskunta, JAPO 8192
Alands Telekommunikation Ab 40960
Blue Lake Communications Oy 16384
CGI Suomi Oy 8192
CSC - Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy 262144
DataCenter Finland Oy 8192
DNA Oyj 1699840
Easylinehost Finland Oy 32768
Elisa Oyj 3526656
Enfo Oyj 4096
EPTE Oy 4096
Equinix (Finland) Oy 106496
Etteplan Oy 8192
European Backbone Networks Inc. 8192
EuroQuest Oy Ltd 4096
Exomi Oy 4096
F-Secure Oyj 4096
F-Solutions Oy 8192
Ficolo Oy 8192
Fujitsu Finland Oy 24576
Harkatien Puhelin Oy 4096
ICT Elmo Oy 32768
Ikaalisten-Parkanon Puhelin Osakeyhtio Ltd 8192
Jakobstadsnejdens Telefon Ab 49152
Kaisanet Oy 57344
Karjaan Puhelin Oy 16384
KaseNet oy 8192
Keski-Suomen Valokuituverkot Oy 4096
Laitilan Puhelin Osk 8192
Lounea Palvelut Oy 77824
Maxisat Oy 8192
Mediam Oy 8192
Microsoft Mobile Oy 8192
MMD Networks Oy 4096
MPY Palvelut Oyj 24576
Netplaza Oy 20480
Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy 8192
Nyttab Ab 4096
Online Solutions Oy 4096
OpusCapita Group Oy 8192
Otaverkko Oy 8192
Oy KD-Soft Ab 8192
Paraisten Puhelin Oy 8192
Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy 8192
Pohjois-Hameen Puhelin Oy 12288
Pohjois-Karjalan Tietotekniikkakeskus Oy 8192
Pohjoisen Keski-Suomen Verkkopalvelut Oy 4096
Puhelinosuuskunta LPO 16384
Sanoma Oyj 8192
Seclan Oy 4096
Seltimil Oy 4096
Setera Oy 8192
Sofor Oy 4096
Suomi Communications Oy 28672
Tele-entre Oy 4096
Telia Communication Oy 200704
Telia Finland Oyj 2539520
Telia Inmics-Nebula Oy 143360
TNNet Oy 36864
Ukkoverkot Oy 4096
UpCloud Ltd 32768
Vakka-Suomen Puhelin Oy 16384
Veikkaus Oy 8192
Verizon Finland Oy 24576
Viria Security Oy 8192

If you say so. This is quite 101 thing, tho. World wide.

My iPhone using mobile data:

And iPad via home router:

You may realize why there is demand start using IPv6…

BTW — IP locates me at Mikkeli city that is around 350 km from my real location. Do you want guess why :wink:

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Carrier grade NAT is something common especially on mobile data networks.

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