Error- too many users on an ip

Received this feedback from a student:
I tried signing up for (my community) and it told me that no more memberships could be given to my IP? Have you ever seen that before?

Any ideas how I can fix this?

It sounds like they are being affected by the ‘max new accounts per registration ip’ Site Setting. The setting defaults to 3 new accounts. The setting’s description is:

If there are already (n) trust level 0 accounts from this IP (and none is a staff member or at TL2 or higher), stop accepting new signups from that IP.

You could try increasing the value of that setting. It seems possible that you have a lot of students access your forum from a single IP address.

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The last university that I worked at had the whole campus on a single NAT ip. It meant that, for example, if you told a whole class to sign up for, say, gmail, they’d be locked out.


I looked at this some more. Assuming you have many new users trying to register from the same IP address, you can whitelist the IP address. To do this, go to Admin/Logs/Screened IPs. Enter the IP address into the ‘New’ box, select Allow from the dropdown menu, and then click the Add button.

When an IP address is whitelisted, new users will not be prevented from creating accounts with that IP address. One thing to consider is that you are opening yourself up to spammers from this IP, so whitelisting an IP address should be done with caution.