Max tags per topic versus number of tags shown

I currently have the limit of tags per post to 13 :four_leaf_clover:

But this clutters the view in Latest, New, My Posts etc


I would like to be able to hide the tags in the view for Latest, New, My Posts etc.

However, it would be useful if they were visable in search results, and also appear when a user opens the Topic. The only time they should be hidden is when I’m browsing the category.

Is there already something which supports this?

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Would you like to hide all tags just purely stylistically, but still have them exist when searching, or hide tags beyond a limit?

Hiding all tags should be fairly simple with css:

To hide in topic lists:

.topic-list .discourse-tags {
  display: none;

To hide in topic pages:

.topic-header-extra .list-tags {
  display: none;

Thanks for the response. Ideally the tags are just removed stylistically from the list views. This recommendation sounds promising and sensible. When I get the chance to try this out i’ll follow up.

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