Hide specific tags groups from topic list?

I was wondering if there is a way to hide tags from specific groups in topic lists?

Our use case is a “growdiaries” category in our forum in which we use a lot of different tags for each topic based on the grow setup of the user. Hence sometimes topics can have up to 10-15 tags from about 7 different groups.

Hence we would like to hide some of those tag groups from topic list so that only the most crucial tags are displayed.

As far I am aware, currently on the tag’s html markup, there’s no indication about which group it belongs to. Hence we cannot use CSS to simply hide the specific group.

Is there any workaround for such a case?

Do you want to reduce showing tags for layout reason, or is there some other need behind that?

But AFAIK it is not possible hide tag groups somewhere and show those somewhere else. But sure everything is possible when someone knows how to code. But out-of-the-box or easily it doesn’t happend.

But I can be wrong too. Such miracles happends every now and then :rofl: