Maximum backups setting ignored


We are currently taking a full backup of our discourse instance once a day. This backup is then pushed to S3.

Our S3 bucket is configured to expire files after 30 days.
Discourse is configured to keep two backups locally and to skip S3 removal when removing a local backup.

However i have noticed that

  • Removing a backup from the console also removes it from s3
  • Even with the 2 backup max option, I see we are keeping more than 2 backups locally.



Is this the expected behavior? Did I miss something?

We are using [v2.2.0.beta4 +19]


The behavior for backups changed in beta 3. See Backup location for more information on that.

Essentially, backups are either store locally or on S3. In your case it’s S3 and since you disabled the cleanup on S3 it will ignore the maximum_backups setting. Backups aren’t stored on your local disk anymore. The “Backups” tab in the admin section will show you the files stored on S3 and deleting a backup on that tab will remove it from S3.


Ok thx for the clarification!


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