Medal Embeds aren't working

I’ve posted about medal embeds not working before, but that was just a settings issue with the administrators on the forum I was using.

This time, it effects both already existing and new embeds. The video never loads, and you see this strange background image.

Did embeds work on the site previously? If you right click the page, select inspect, and go to the console tab… are there any errors?

I am able to get embeds working on my test site, so they should work:

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yea there’s a bunch of errors

looks like the error in there that mentions is just barely out of crop, can you share that full error? posting a link to the topic where the embed should appear works too, if it’s a public site

here’s a link to the post I did the inspect on

@awesomerobot I’m so sorry for wasting your time, it turns out it was because I recently turned on third-party cookie blocking on my browser for security. I went into the blocked cookies and unblocked This was completely my own doing and it wasn’t a discourse bug.

No worries, glad you figured it out! :axe: