New Medal embeds don't have video players like they used to

I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or not, but it’s the only way I can describe it.

Medal embeds used to work like this, and for some reason embeds that were posted before this change still retain their video player.

Currently, they only show a basic embed that you need to click to open in a separate tab to actually watch the video. I would post how it looks now but I can only seem to post one image per post since I’m new to this specific forum.


Can you share an example link which used to work?

I’m unsure if it’s the link or the embed for that specific post but I’ll post the link to the one that has a video player on it

Edit: Yea it was that specific post already having the embed, so I think it’s a discourse problem
Edit 2: Is it possible to link posts from other forums so I can show you the post with the good embed?
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Sure, please do :+1:

@Uncoool to make this embed work correctly, an administrator will need to add to the “allowed iframes” site setting.

I’m not sure why it worked in the post from July… my best guess is that the admins used to allow the iframe, but then they removed it from the list of allowed iframes :thinking:


An administrator for the specific forum that it’s on?


Yes :+1:


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