Membership indicator plugin

On some forums, people want to be able to recognize other people that are in the same secret group as they are. For this reason we have developed the Membership Indicator plugin.

The plugin (mis)uses the avatar flair image upload and displays it below the user avatar for each post made by someone in the same secret group.

It works like this:

  • you configure the groups that the plugin will trigger upon in the membership_indicator_groups setting.
  • you upload an avatar flair image for each of these groups.
  • if a post is made by a user and this user is in one of the groups configured in the plugin, and you are in the same group, the avatar flair image will show beneath the users avatar
  • the membership_indicator_ignore_self setting can be used to select if this will happen for your own posts as well (some people need reassurance they are still in the group :wink: )

The repository can be found here.

This work has been sponsored by @outofthebox.


Thank you @RGJ. Your work is bringing together a diverse group of global contributors in friendship and a shared effort. I appreciate how well this plugin works.