@mention #forum and... %search?

We have @mention and #forum - but if I from a thread will link to another we could have %search or something simular?

Or how do you easily link to another thread…

Any hints… :slight_smile:


At the fairphone forum we use unique tags for some topics that get linked to a lot.
You can set up a tag group with a parent tag that only admins and mods can use (we use #staff). That way mods can add new tags to that group without an admin having to set up each individual tag to be used by staff only.

That way we can quickly link to some important guides like #rebootsguide, #blackscreenguide and #gpsguide.


Good idea!

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Duplicate of https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-about-mentioning-topic-feature/7350?u=falco


  1. Start writing your reply
  2. Press CTRL-ALT-F
  3. Search for the topic you want to mention
  4. Press up and down arrows to highlight it
  5. Press A to insert it into the composer.

Thanks @Falco - but what about on mobile?

No solution for mobile yet.