Mention in in-accessible topic

(Benjamin Kampmann) #1

I think we had various of these corner cases and I thought this one was fixed, but here I got it again:

I received a notification as well as an email (with the content) for a conversation I was mentioned in, that I do not have access to. Here on meta, just two hours ago:


(cpradio) #2

I don’t think this is a bug. When you were mentioned it was in a public category. It has since been moved to a private category.

The notifications were likely sent while it was still public.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #3

Pretty sure, it is not. It might have been, when the mention was scheduled, but also the Email I received contains the name of a category, I do not have access to. So at least at that time, I was not able to access it anymore:

But even if not, this is a rather weird UX…

(Mittineague) #4

@DeanMarkTaylor mentioned you about one of your older posts, he should know what category it was in when he did that. i.e. before or after the discussion was moved.

(cpradio) #5

Okay, so the email thing is weird. I do see that the mention occurred at 9:36 AM and the topic was moved at 9:48 AM, so the mention definitely occurred before the topic was moved.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #6

email was sent 9:50 though – two minutes after the move.

(Mittineague) #7

Emails can’t be un-sent, and I guess depending on how one opens tabs it might not always work, but it would be nice if the “topic is private” notifications got cleared.

(cpradio) #8

Yeah, so that definitely feels odd to me. It shouldn’t have included that topic for you. Definitely seems like an edge case of some sort. But at least the mention is explainable.

(Dean Taylor) #9

The times listed for me

I mentioned @lightyear at 2:36pm whilst the topic was in the dev category.
The topic was moved by @riking from dev to Lounge (Trust Level 3 required category) at 2:48pm.

You could probably assume the minutes are the same (just the hour is different) - I’m in the UK currently.

(Kane York) #10

Well, I guess I’m glad that turned up a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeff Atwood) #11

This is all as designed, remember email is on a 10 minute delay to allow people to revise or even delete their post before anyone is notified.

(Jeff Atwood) #12