@ Mentions not working for staged users

It seems that the @ mentions are not working for a few of my users. Most of the users are suggested when we type the @ and the username but some do not show up on the selection list. Is there a way to reset that?


Have you tried to reproduce this by signing up at http://try.discourse.org?

Mentions are simple, they match based on @username or fullname, so it depends what you type on your keyboard as well as what they entered for their full name (full Unicode) and username (ASCII characters only).

Yes I know HOW it works but its not working. When I start typing a specific username the username is MISSING from the list.

See this… I have a user that starts with elk and when I type “el” they aren’t shown.

Are you sure it is “elk” and not “eIk” or “e1k”?


I have seeing delays when that list populates as well.

Come to think of it, there’s also the case of a user being banned. They still show up as a user, but are blocked from @mentions.

Suspended users come up in the mentions autocomplete…they just won’t get the mentions.

I don’t know any such users on Meta to test with, but that has not been my experience in other installs.

We have 2 suspended users at Stonehearth - I was able to type 3 letters of the username and then he showed up.

As an admin or regular user?

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Oh - I’m logged in as a moderator. Let me test as a regular user.

Edit: OK - I’m only seeing them as a moderator. Sorry for any confusion.


Anyone have ideas on MY original issue? I’m typing the username correctly, they’re not suspended they’re not an admin.

Please help? Is there some reindex that can be done?

We can’t reproduce your issue. Sorry.

If you can provide steps to reproduce the problem we can fix.

@joco I do not have any suggestions for the original issue. Please be aware that we are spitballing ideas here, as this isn’t an issue we’ve seen before. We weren’t ignoring your issue, but testing possible causes.

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@joco, have you tried pasting the username?

If the mention doesn’t work with the pasted text then you will at least have confirmed that the correct characters are being used.

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Yes I have tried a pasted user name as well.

I’m not sure how I can provide any more details or steps to reproduce. I bet others are having this issue as well since you’d have to test every single user in the system.

I had a Discourse with 110000 users and never had a problem with mentions.

Could you give admin rights for someone on the team to test this out?

How much headroom does your server have?

I am running a test copy of our live instance on a woefully underpowered Amazon machine. It works, but autocomplete can be very erratic at times.

Sure I can give admin rights. Who do I send them to?

I was poking around and heres something I found. The user I am having issue with is set to a value of Staged = Yes. Not sure why they have that or if it would cause the problem.

Does anyone know how to change the staged flag?