Messages not being sent under specific conditions

Hi there!

I have the plugin installed and configured for a while now, working like a charm for several months. However, for some reason notifications are not being sent for scheduled topics. I have to manually “test” them for the notification to be sent.

And more recently, it seems that notifications are not being sent for topics that need approval too (right after they are approved, of course). They used to work before, but it seems that the recent Review Queue may be causing this issue too.

Now, I’m not sure how I can debug this. Or send more information about what’s going on. Could someone help me with this?


Yeah, I think it’s exactly that… Also seeing this on our server on topics we have to approve. Integration plugin says version 0.1, but looking closer we’re one commit behind the repo (which is the hipchat removal)

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@eviltrout something that might be worth having a look at?

I just tested this locally, and I think it was already fixed by

@neemiasvf and @PromoFaux can you confirm it’s working ok for you now? (once you’ve updated to the latest version)


Cheers. Will let you know once we’ve updated and something hits the review queue!

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@david, I tested this yesterday and it’s still not working. Apparently, it wasn’t fixed. How can I provide more information to you? Perhaps logs of some kind, but I don’t know where to get them…