Not receiving notifications for posts in approval queue

I have this issue. I recall getting some “pending posts” email a while but not anymore. I get new topics email but not the new posts or new pending posts.

I am a moderator and admin and notify setting is set to

How do I set it such that I get an email alert anytime there is a pending post?

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Can you verify this is working @jomaxro?

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Sure, I’ll add it to my list for later this week.

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Something is broken here. I created a new topic as a TL1 user, and it was held for approval as expected. I made sure not have the site open with my mod account for over 1 hour. I did not receive a notification, nor an email regarding the post help for approval.


@maja can you have a look? Staff should always receive notifications about any unseen pending posts.


I have tested this and it seems to work as expected.

From this commit on, reminders for queued posts are not sent via email to contact_email, but as a system message into moderators inbox.

After I create a new post/topic, admin/moderator sees that posts are waiting approval

and when notify_about_queued_posts_after period is over, I get “1 post waiting to be reviewed” message to moderators inbox as expected

Am I missing something else?


I’ll test again when I’m back next week, but I definitely did not get a moderator PM for a queued post on try.


I can confirm with v2.2.0.beta3 +4 this does not work.

Confirmed working on another site. Sorry for the false alarms by using try @maja!