Meta comments in a similar way to how Stack Overflow does it

It would be interesting if people can add meta comments and also edit suggestions to other people’s comments in a similar way to Stack Overflow.

Of course, this will have to be tightly controlled. But it would be useful for correcting mistakes in other people’s comment (e.g. spelling or technical comments).

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That’s how it works already, users with enough “karma” (trust level 3+) can edit titles, and trust level 4 can edit other people posts.


Ah so editing other people title and post exists.

Hmmm then what about the meta comments as well?

Discourse is not QA so those comments should be just normal replies when “on topic”.

If they are completely “off topic” they should be branched into another topic using “Reply as a new topic”:

Also, if you want a StackOverflow clone you may have better luck using another software like and