Meta converts gifs to jpg

When I post a gif here on meta it gets converted to jpg. This happens both when I upload it directly, or simply post a link to one:


This is certainly a feature.

See the png to jpg quality site setting. You can disable by setting png to jpg quality to 100

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Hmm but this is a gif, not png?

We probably need to fix the site setting name here, cc @nbianca … also we should only apply this to non animated gifs.


Confirmed this is removing animated gifs as they are posted.


I changed setting png to jpg quality to 100 and it’s still turning animated gifs into jpgs

Same. I tried changing recompress original jpg quality and image preview jpg quality to 100 to disable them as well without success. Fixing this will likely require a code change methinks (which I’m sure they’re working on now).

This was merged in about an hour ago (complete with a typo in the commit message).


The merge includes a test to ensure we don’t attempt to modify animated images in the future. It will require an update to your Discourse instances to pick up the changes.