Microsoft Edge - Brotli Encoding included in Edge 15 (11th April)

Microsoft just made an announcement:

Brotli is included in Edge 15, which shipped today (11th April) with Windows 10 Creators Update.

I believe you need to be a member of the “Windows Insider program” to download “Windows 10 Creators Update”:

This will hopefully bring some of these benefits to Microsoft Edge users when it finally hits public release:

I remember the Brotli implementation in Discourse including some kind of “work around” for accept encoding / CDN handling so thought I would mention this here to allow both early testing :tools: and a little celebration :fonzie:

More info on Brotli on @sam’s blog


MS browser usage is down so low lately, I am not sure it matters very much…

For the record Edge in Windows 10 Creator Edition is 2x faster in Ember.js (and thus Discourse) as well. So that’s nice too.

The workaround was for the CDNs not the browsers by the way.