EdgeHTML Support

(Split from Discourse is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 1, 2020)

Will anything happen to EdgeHTML? It appears that Microsoft will be treating it similar to Internet Explorer 11 (only maintenance updates and such).


Not true. All Edge will magically convert to Chromium Edge. There’s nothing to do there.


I thought that it’ll be received VIA an optional Windows update? What about users using older versions of Windows 10? Will their Edge application and shortcuts be replaced?


No it’s not optional, at least in the context of this discussion. It will be a part of your regular Windows updates and you don’t have to opt-in to anything.

They would either need to update their Windows versions or use a different browser.

That’s a question for Microsoft.


I sent an email their way and they said no, so it’s likely that some people will still be using EdgeHTML.


We won’t support old versions of Edge, only the latest.


Would an announcement (or some sort of notice) be justified then?

You are reading it, so I think we’re done here…


There is no mention of EdgeHTML or the old Microsoft Edge anywhere in the announcement.

The “latest version of the browser” policy has been standing for a while and doesn’t seem worth reiterating in the original post here, as mentioning it would cause a lot of confusion.


Agreed. For users who aren’t technical, they’ll be using the default browser on Windows, MS Edge. When the new Edge is released and downloaded via Windows Update, they’ll be switched to the new default. Those users will be good.

For anyone who knows enough to actively switch their default browser, I trust they can switch again. If they’re confused, they’ll end up here.


In that case, a browser version like Chrome 78 is unsupported?

Wouldn’t the update have to be manually installed if it’s through Windows Update?

Only users who aren’t technical?

Technically, yes. If someone reports an issue, and we can’t reproduce it on the latest browser, our next step for the user would be “update your browser”. It’s not worth our time “fixing” an issue that was a bug with the browser already fixed.

Microsoft isn’t exactly being forthcoming about the Chromium Edge rollout plan, but last I heard it will be delivered through Windows Update, and thus will be downloaded/installed automatically for users just like any other update.

No, not only. But the non-technical users are the ones that I’d be concerned about with this change. I’m not worried about technical users updating their browsers, or knowing how to research the issue, land on this topic, and solve the issue that way.


It appears that the old Microsoft Edge will still exist, but it’ll be fairly hidden.

Watch the following video for more information.

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That video isn’t from Microsoft though, and they don’t cite any sources. Until Microsoft says more in a press release, FAQ, knowledge base topic, or other official source, everything is hearsay and/or speculation. Trust me, if/when we learn more, we’ll update this topic to be as specific as possible.


Microsoft have updated their documentation on this, to clarify the auto-update scenarios

The update will be automatically applied to home and unmanaged business editions. It will be optional on managed business and enterprise systems. I guess that lines up with most windows updates :man_shrugging:

We will have to see what usage statistics look like in a few months.


I’ve asked him to cite a course. I will update you when I get a response.

I googled binged it and there are tons of articles, news pages, and official bits of information from Microsoft themselves. You just have to spend a bit of time piecing all of the information together so you can have a better understanding of everything (information that has come out since Microsoft announced Chromium Edge).

Microsoft summed up everything fairly well in an announcement video they released back in May.

New Edge is live :tada:


Take a look at this.

Oh, and the web page looks awesome! :smile:

I’d also recommend taking a look at this too.

From the looks of it, the release has gone very well. A lot of people on social media are stoked.