Microsoft_office365 enabled_setting is deprecated - what does it mean?


recently I found a message in forum logs:

Deprecation notice: (microsoft_office365) enabled_setting is deprecated. Please define authenticator.enabled? instead (removal in Discourse 2.9.0)
At /var/www/discourse/lib/plugin/instance.rb:740:in public_send

I use office365 login. As I understand, in 2.9.0 this login method will not work if I don’t change some option. What should my next steps?

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Deprecation notes are aimed at developers. This one mean that a developer of the plugin must update this method call, in the plugin source code, during the Discourse 2.9.0 development period.

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Thank you for the response. What usually happens in cases like this? Does the maintainer respond to plugin notifications himself, or should I write to the thread of this plugin? Should I be worried now?

That plugin is maintained by our team. No need to worry about this.

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This deprecation warning will be taken care of as part of


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