Might need help with discourse SSL install with Cloudflare & nginx. Can be paid


What would you like done?
[In a nutshell: Help configuring discourse setup with cloudflare and nginx(sites-available) file correctly]

I might need help, so I’m scoping out this place for anyone whos willing to help me over chat on Discord (text or voice chat) for getting discourse installed with cloudflare ssl on a subdomain WordPress site:

Note: I have discourse install with wordpress on a seperate test site but I had to turn cloudflare off and that site doesnt have ssl either.

So I need help with

  1. Installing discourse via the SSL method (because I’m using cloudflare ssl & I’m confused because people just talk about lets encrypt and i already have cloudflare)

  2. Configuring the nginx sites-available properly. Note I’m using wordpress site and discourse subdomain for forums.

So any possible takers? What ya think? (Im just too frustrated/confused so i need help now lol)

When do you need it done?

Within 2 weeks from the “ok deal lets do this” phase

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?


Might have to ask for help during install [Moved to another topic]
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