Migrate a phpBB3 forum to Discourse

Is there any way around this? A lot of forums have users who signed up with email addresses they no longer have access to and they are using passwords with less than 10 characters.

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You can change the minimum password length to 8 in site settings.

People who can’t use their password can have a login link or password reset link sent to them.


Yes, there is a site setting migratepassword allow insecure passwords, just enable it.

Make sure to enable this AFTER the import, not during the import.


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   trust_level_1: 200
   trust_level_2: 1000
   trust_level_3: 3000

How does this work excactly? Do I need to create custom ranks in phpBB (where I can only set a different number of total posts as criteria) or does the importer check every user for the total number of posts and assigns the trust level in Discourse according to that?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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# Rank to trust level mapping
  # Map phpBB 3.x rank levels to trust level
  # Users with rank at least 3000 will have TL3, etc.
      trust_level = @settings.trust_level_for_posts(row[:user_posts], trust_level: trust_level)

So it’s just mapping the number of posts they have created to various trust levels. My inclination would be to set everyone at TL1 and let them go through the Discourse levels from there; it’s not that hard to get to TL2.

But at some point someone who was migrating to Discourse thought it was important to tweak the trust levels for their users and the programmer thought it was easier to code it than to argue with them. :slight_smile:


Yes you are right. I would also prefer that. I just wanted to make sure that I understood the feature correctly. :slight_smile: