Migrate Private Messages from vBulletin5 to Discourse

Hi there,

I’ve only found this other thread on the topic: vBulletin 5 import : how to import private messages?

Which, in classic internet fashion, mention a solution but doesn’t really share :smiley:

Is there anyone that can offer some more precise pointers or a stub script? I’m not a ruby developer but have plenty of experience as software engineer. Just need some help to start :slight_smile:

This is the default import script: discourse/vbulletin5.rb at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Here’s the script modification I made at the time. It’s a mess though, my database was like the creature of Frankenstein, and many lines are commented out from testing stuff, it’s not meant to be used as it is:

Look at def import_pm for the part that interest you.

And don’t forget:

Good luck ! :wink:

Also I strongly suggest you that you compare the content with the official importer so you can see exactly what changed.


Thank you so much @Canapin, much appreciated

I’ve already a couple modification that I’ll have to do on the official import script. I’ll use yours just a guidance on how to add also the pvt messages import :slight_smile:

Glad to help! Could you share your own import private message method when it’s done? I’d be curious to have a look at it, and it could be merged into the official script.

I’ll start working on it from mid-december. When I’m done I’ll publish it on a git if I can keep it “generic” enough :slight_smile:

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