vBulletin 5 import : how to import private messages?

Hi. I’ll try not being off-topic by asking questions on the vBulletin4 import topic, so here I am…

I’d like to import vb5 private messages to Discourse.

The vBulletin5 database seems quite complicated to me and I didn’t find any schema on the Internet.
I tried to get one with MySQL Workbench, but it didn’t draw the relations between the tables…

I looked at the vBulletin4 import script which imports private messages. It helps in understanding how to prepare the data to send to the post creation method, but vb4 and vb5 databases seem very different.

In vb4, there’s a private message table with a touserarray column that contains participants to a private discussion, but I didn’t find anything similar in vb5 database.

So things I have so far is the contenttypeid of private messages so I can identify them…
And the first posts of a private discussion seem to be identified by parentid = 8, though I don’t understand what does parentid means.

Did anyone tried to import private messages from vBulletin5, or knows a bit its database and could give me clues?

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I was able to import the private messages by looking at other importers and finally figuring out that the private message recipients were stored in the sentto table.
Then it was pretty straightforward.

edit: the correct way to identify a private topic would maybe be rather parentid = starter, but my database is a real mess so I wouldn’t bet it would work for other installations.



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