Migration service failed to map some topics to categories


(Jason Dugdale) #1

We used the hosted migration service to move existing content over from Drupal to Discourse; I spotted some cases where topics had not been mapped to a category within Discourse. This in turn caused UI issues when viewing those topics, and scrolling down the page. Take a look at I have been waiting for historics access since alpha access. Any update appreciated - DataSift Community and scroll down the page for an example; you’ll see the topic subject overlaps our logo.
Update: it looks like these topics may be assigned to a category, but they do not show up when listing topics in that category, nor can I change the category of these topics

(Jason Dugdale) #2

So we found a resolution; it looks like the UI title overlap issue was down to the “suppress uncategorized badge” setting being on; we switched this off, and we saw the badge return to underneath the topic title, and the overlap issue disappeared.
It still seems like suppressing the uncategorized badge should not cause this UI overlap issue.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

If you are a Discourse hosted customer, these issues may be specific to your import. @neil can you advise?

(Neil Lalonde) #4

@dugjason Your import from Drupal was done using your own custom script. I see in your sql dump that the forum_index table is completely empty, which is normally where we find the category that each topic belongs in. So… I don’t know what happened.

Yes this sounds like a bug.