Moving topics: Category options not fully populated

(Sam) #1

When attempting to move around topics on my forum a bit earlier not all of the category options were available. I noted two specific occurences:

  1. I wanted to move a topic from a top-level category to one of its
    subcategories, but none of the subcategories were available on the
    dropdown (everything else, as far as I could tell, was available)
  2. I create a topic that ended up uncategorized (another bug? I have this disabled on my forum), and was unable to select any top-level categories from the dropdown

I’m currently using Chrome on a laptop with Windows 8.1, my forum is using the most recent version of Discourse with no additional plugins.

Edit: Poking around a bit more, the above conditions aren’t set in stone, I’ve tried with various threads and I don’t have a consistent set of “where I can’t move things from->to” at the moment, but top-level categories are frequently missing, along with (less often) entire category trees (top level category + subcategories, not sure what else to call it). Not quite sure what the deal is.

Edit2: As far as I can tell, the move thread dropdown is fine on Meta. So, er, any ideas?

Edit3: Okay hold on, I just saw I’m one update behind, involving category permissions. Seeing if this fixes it.

Edit4: No, that didn’t fix it, but I’ve narrowed down the issue better. When I follow a link to a topic (e.g. from the categories page or the latest page), the move topic dropdown isn’t fully populated. But if I refresh the topic page, the topic dropdown then works fine and allows me the full selection of categories. I am unable to reproduce this behavior on meta.

Edit5: and last bit of this conversation with myself (…for now), removing all site customizations does not fix the issue

(Sam Saffron) #2

Pretty sure @eviltrout just fixed this

(Sam) #3

If you mean this one:

Then no, I thought that might be related but it didn’t fix the issue. I mentioned it in my post but I kinda rambled on forever while updating it, so no worries.