Minima, a minimal theme for Discourse

(Kris) #1

The goal of this theme is to reduce the UI and focus on the text.

I’ve gone through and made text larger and removed just about anything redundant (and anything that I don’t use regularly). For example, I know that suggested topics are suggested topics, so I removed the header. I’ve used bulk select on the topic list maybe twice ever, so it’s gone. Views on the topic list? gone. Categories in the hamburger menu? gone.

You get the idea, here’s the theme.

:eye: Preview it on the theme creator

:hammer_and_wrench: Github url:

:man_shrugging: How do I install a theme?

For extra minimalness, I recommend using the Categories Only layout for the category page.

(Andrew Schleifer) #2

Glorious serifs! I love it.

The desktop :hamburger: menu listing all the other themes seems odd to me, though.

(Rishabh Nambiar) #3

I’m LOVING this theme, especially the topic list, amazing work :heart:

A couple of tiny issues in PM’s, a missing icon:

and I feel like the small size of the assigned text makes it hard to read, because the text has been made larger for just about everything else (Header, Suggested messages etc.)


(Stephen) #4

I love it, although losing the theme switcher from the nav on mobile did cause a brief moment of panic!

(Hanon Ondricek) #5

One of my users is reporting the Minima theme (which I love very much) does not show the “Dismiss” button when there are unread messages. He verified that Dismiss wasn’t just disappearing because there were no unreads - he said he switched to Minima and back from another theme while showing unreads and the button did not show up.

Is there a setting I might be missing on this, or anything else I should check? Thanks!

I managed to finally reproduce it:


Default board theme


(Kris) #7

I’ve added the dismiss button back, you’ll just need to update the theme.

(Hanon Ondricek) #9

Thanks so much! I will check it out!