Minimal Version of Discourse for (Jekyll) Blogs - Any Examples?

I’m trying to find a minimal discussion platform to use for my Jekyll blog and considering Discourse as an option.

Is there a minimal version of Discourse for personal blogs? So far the only post I saw on this was [this one] ( But I couldn’t find a demo of it.

The current problems I have:

  • The forum (in the demos I could find) repost the entire blog posts, making it bloated for people who already read it and just wanted to comment and join the discussion.
  • The top comments are embedded into the posts, which I like. But in order to join the discussion, you are taken to another page (which is fine) just that there is no easy way of getting back and the goal of a blog, in my opinion, is to keep people from entirely leaving the site.
  • What if instead of having “suggested topics” on the bottom, there was an easy way for people to go back to blog (for example, relevant articles they can read), rather than staying in the forum. As activity in the forum is second in importance to the blog.

Like this?

This is by design. Maybe you want to use disqus then.

You can do this with some CSS and HTML in the customize admin interface.


I think I run the exact setup you’re talking about. I have a Jekyll site that uses Discourse for comments. But the community itself has started taking off on its own outside of the comments portion.

The folks there don’t have any qualms with getting to and from the two sites. They have links everywhere that take them where they want to go. Some of that is within the topics in the community but I think (and analytics confirm) the custom header I added helps a lot. I wanted the branding to feel the same across my sites so I customized Discourse to fit both my main Jekyll site and my tools site.

I don’t think I would worry about users moving between the two. I’ve never seen an issue with it.


Your implementation is great. Thanks for sharing an example.

Interestingly enough, the more time I spend using discourse, the more I like it. I think the functionality just takes getting used to. And based on your site and other sites that I’ve seen, I definitely think there is enough flexibility in the customization so that I can solve the trackback issue I had with it.