Minimum Character per Post in specific Category?

I want to set a minimum character threshold for a specific category in my forum. How can I accomplish this?

The reason for this request:
I have a certain category (Post your Music) in my Discourse forum, where I want to enforce a detailed long description of the track to prevent the usual “spam” posts I’ve seen in every music composer/producer forum online. ex: “check out my latest new epic track” + SoundCloud link.



Welcome to the community @Mikael_Baggström! The setting for Minimum Character per posts for all topics can be set in the Admin Dashboard, but doing this for just one specific category will probably need a plugin to accomplish what you want. Hopefully a plugin developer will chime in here soon. :wink:


Not possible at the category level at the current time.

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Thank you for replying. I will try to come with something else then.

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Would very much love this!