Post Character Threshold - But exception for Admins

Question: How can I set a Post Character lower threshold, but still have an exception for admin posts, or somehow manually override the limit?

Clarification: I am specifically talking about the “About this category” type posts, that provide the description to each category, as I want those short, but every other post long.

Reason for Request:
I want to have a fairly high threshold for characters on new posts as I hate people dropping links with little to no value in the actual post…as in “check out my new video on YouTube”…

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You can change the setting, edit your post and change it back.

Requiring people I make long posts will likely just make them add nonsense to get to the limit.

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I agree, I see it time and time again not so much Vids without a narrative, but more so with quick retorts (sometimes valid) which necessitate several …(full stops) or other unnecessary gobbledy gook e.g asm,krl,kxxxysjrj to fulfill the character limit threshold, just so the post is viable. Really annoying I know.

Another point to bear in mind is that a lot of new users are very timid and will only post short comments.
I include myself in this. It took me weeks to summon up the courage to post online for the first time.
I imagine a lot of us have forgotten this and how it felt.

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Agreed 100% - there’s also the “simpler” replies to consider, where one might just be answering a yes/no question of some sort.

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I see your point about new members being a bit shy. It is tricky indeed.

The whole reason for creating my community was that I was tired of the “short and lazy” quick posts, and link-dropping I’ve seen in every Facebook Group I am in and Social Media in general =/

I don’t think 250 characters (Not even 2 Twitter messages) is a “long post” if the whole purpose of the community is to provide value in every new topic. It’s only for new topics btw, for replies I have it set at 80 characters.



By today’s standards perhaps not.
But I implore you to take into account newer and less experienced members that could inject new life and valuable info, resources into any forum, who would not be comfortable with that.


Well I am perhaps having too high expectations, but then…my community is brand new so I am in the “excitement phase” :slight_smile:

I might need to dial it down, but I think it is even more important in the beginning to somehow enforce some rules to make it “the culture” of the community.

I have seen this in Facebook Groups I have administered. My best group had a high bar of entry, and strict moderation. That created the atmosphere and culture that basically became what people followed without even reading the rules. Just by following the example of others.


That is good to hear, standards in general are on the decline, and I for one am all for higher benchmarks. But 250 characters as a first post?
You would not believe the number of complaints regarding the default 20 characters that we see.
Perhaps there is a happy medium that is achievable? After all, we all strive for the same goal.

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Haha yes, standards are way on the decline, however, I would like to think the standard in a community has the potential of being much higher than social media. Or I am just being very naive :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure I will have to settle on a happy medium eventually. But I will at least try to be a bit strict in the beginning for the reasons I mentioned.