Minimum trust level to download posts

(Roarke Lynch) #1

What if the “Download My Posts” feature required a minimum level of user trust, configurable in the admin panel?

Use case:
In private communities, the appearance of these sorts of features can undermine the sense of confidentiality. However, the ability for users to bulk export the content they have contributed to the community is clearly valuable. As a compromise, what if this feature only because available once a user met a specific trust level?

(Michael - #2

This functionality is required in order to comply to privacy laws in various countries. You cannot just disable it for part of your users.

(Joe Seyfried) #3

How’s that? It clearly says “my posts” - not anyone else’s? Is this an actual concern? To me, an online service which offers such a feature shows that they respect my rights concerning my own data and content I have created here - that’s nothing one should hide IMHO…

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I don’t understand this request. We don’t trust the user to download their own posts responsibly? It is only available for the logged in user for stuff they own and contributed, e.g. their own posts they wrote.

(Roarke Lynch) #5

I can see where you are coming from @JSey and @codinghorror.