Minor bug? Admin topic creator receiving notification for topics where ownership was changed to another user

I used my admin account to create 10 topics and then changed ownership to another user.

On Android the Discourse mobile app then shows 15 notifications. It also shows 11 new topics which don’t show up either. These indicators won’t go away with app or phone restart:

  • There are no notifications in the notification drop down or in the user notification view
  • There is no notification indicator on desktop.
  • The only notification today was for a badge.
  • The admin account only has 20 notifications, half of which are 7 badges and 3 system messages.
  • It is a new forum with only 30 topics.

I wonder if it is related to this old, old bug:


Any thoughts on this @sam?

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EDIT: Nope. The user couldn’t edit the post that they owned because it was in a category that they didn’t have permission in. It’s a little confusing that a user could own a post but not be able to edit it, but it’s not a bug and has nothing to do with this topic. Sorry.

I don’t know if it’s related and haven’t looked at it carefully, but I have a user who is reporting that changing a topic owner appears to work but then the new owner can’t edit what is then their own topic.

I wonder whether the topic and the first post don’t both have the ownership changed.

I’ll have a look when it becomes day here, but Sam’s day is almost over then, so I thought I’d throw this in.

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I’ll check that the new owner can correctly interact with the topics.


New owner:

The old owner, the admin account:

  • Receives the correct notification of the updated topic.
  • But still has the reported problem

Another nice feature I’ve never noticed before: I hadn’t dismissed the 16 notifications for the new owner so when I edited one of those topics I now see the highlight removed for that topic in the notification drop-down. :1st_place_medal: Discourse


One sec, just confirming, the bug report here is 100% aimed at the app not showing the right number? The site when you click it has all the correct info and bubbles? Even a second tab?

There are 2 possibilities here:

  1. If you open 2 tabs, do move shenanigans in 1 tab and then blue counts on tab 2 are broke, it means we are missing a message on move.

  2. If you both tabs are good and only app is showing bad info, we may have a message bus issue which we should fix.

@pmusaraj one thing I have been thinking about app wise is to force a full message bus re-sync hourly. I feel I need to drag down the thing way too often to correct blue numbers. Also maybe something is off with our MB implementation on the app.

Correct, the site appears to work fine.

Only the app has a problem. It continues to show the same counts for notifications and new topics.

I could fabricate some new notifications to see what happens. Otherwise it could be days before I see any any new notifications and new topics. We’re still configuring the site which has just enough content for testing and examples.

Current workaround is to yank the page down which forces a refresh. We are going to look at making this more reliable.


That is a useful feature. I also used it for all the forums in the hub which are still working fine.

Only the forum with the problem reported here had a problem when it gave me this message after hitting the “Authorize” button:

The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem. …

This is the only private forum on the app…

I resolved it by clearing the app data because reconnecting to the site, restarting the app, restarting the phone and clearing the cache didn’t help.

Interesting that it works now and logged me straight in using, I presume, the previous authorization.


Agreed, I use pull-to-refresh too often too (and it regularly ignores my requests). Hourly updates would help, but we can/should also update the app’s counters while the user is interacting with a site.

Closing, this has been fixed in the latest release of the DiscourseHub app.