Minor editing should not bump the topic

Maybe we need another filter type like active.

Editing posts is something I do almost every post. (I know, I know, “re-read before submitting”).

My “ninja edits” are usually minor typo fixes. But my later edits are to correct mis-information - eg. forgetting a “not” or an “un” changes everything, or as mentioned to add what I consider to be important details I originally overlooked.

I don’t think any amount of computing power can subjectively determine when an edit is a significant change.

IMHO if “edit bumping” is felt to be a problem then post editing should be completely disabled after a few minutes. But then many would simply post the additions/corrections in a follow-up post which would bump the topic anyway, and also increase the post count.

Also it’s worth noting that the topic is only bumped if the last post is edited.

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As @mcwumbly noted only edits to the last post cause topic to be bumped. Not edits to any post in the topic


This is by design, feel free to discuss an alternative implementation, but there is no bug here.

We turned on tagging and have been tagging, and moving some threads to new categories. It seems that sometimes the bumped_at is being updated and we are causing a bunch of old threads to re-appear unintentionally. Is there some way to turn off this behavior. Right now, I’m having to manually edit bumped_at in the console which is a painstaking way to organize the forum.

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New posts bump the topic, and edits to the last post. If the first post is also the last post…

What I’m asking is, where is the GUI option to change bumped at, similar to


No such feature exists

OK, sorry to nag, but I think some way to bypass (or at least revert) changes to bumped_at would be nice for moderators … I took over an old VB forum with 190k posts, and was in bad shape. It’s been a challenge.

You can bypass the edit bump by doing bulk edits. From the topic list, click the bulk select icon, select the posts you wish to tag (or recategorize) and use the admin wrench. This does not create an edit log, so no bumps.



Awesome thanks @jomaxro!

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Does this also apply when closing topics?

I’m considering closing a few thousand old imported topics per this suggestion:

Hoping they won’t all jump to the top of /latest

Closing a topic already never bumps it. I see that in action all the time here on Meta.


Not happy with this. I am cleaning up a forum with lots of baggage, sometimes unpinning ages old topics and also fixing up some broken html in them, and now they’re suddenly up on top on /latest… that’s I think improper bumping… maybe include an option somewhere to just switch that behavior off (maybe temporarily, i.e. for a cleanup period like the one I am going thru)

Are you clear how it works? This only happens when you edit the last post in a topic. If there is only 1 post in a topic then the last and first post are the same.

Yes I know how it works, I just don’t like that behavior all that much and looking for a way to avoid it :wink:

Same thing as described by @sebastianh happens to me. I like the idea of:

Put it simple, a checkbox to turn it off next to the Save button, only visible to admins and mods (configurable).

I think I am kind of OK with having it show a checkbox after you click “edit reason” that allows moderators to decide if a last post edit bumps or not. Very much against cluttering the main UI with this, but soooooo few people click on edit reason anyway that adding one extra checkbox for mods there will not matter.

At the end of the day this is just automating existing functionality (change post timestamp) so I think it is ok.


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