When does adding a tag to a topic cause the topic to be bumped?


I have, hesitantly, tagged this topic as a bug, although it may be intended behaviour.

Quite frequently, performing a moderator role, I will edit a post and add a specific tag to it. I have noticed that when I do this, this action is considered to be “activity” and as such the topic is listed as being the latest etc, bumped if you will.

Sometimes I have worked my way through a group of historical topics and obviously, this behaviour is then less desirable. My only current workaround is to edit each topic from the list in reverse order, so the oldest topic gets pushed back down the list with the newest back on the topic - but all of this still gets reflected under “latest”.

I was wondering whether really, the addition of a tag, should really be classified as “activity”, but there may be reasons for this which I have no realised, hence adding this as a bug hesitantly.

If it is intended behaviour, would you consider altering it slightly so that if the tag is added/changed by a moderator/admin, it is not deemed as “activity” - this would then allow for a degree of housekeeping but without significantly impacting the display of topics to users.

Please do re-tag this topic to somewhere more appropriate if you don’t believe this to be a bug, as I said, I wasn’t entirely sure. :slight_smile:

This will only happen if the first post is the only post in the topic.

Edits to the last post in the topic bump the topic.

When a topic has only one post, you are editing the last post (and the first post).


Aha! Explained like that it makes perfect sense as to the behaviour, thanks Jeff.

If it could exclude moderators/admins editing the posts, where they were not the author, that would be fantastic.

I’d also like the moon on a stick - thank you in advance for the consideration :slight_smile:


See Minor editing should not bump the topic for how to edit a category/tag on a topic with no replies without bumping. Spoiler alert - use the bulk topic edit tool.


Thanks for this, sounds ideal.