Minor RFE: delay instead of complete block for exceeding consecutive post limit

We have some topics were one person might be working on a design or other problem, and posting updates as they go — even without others responding. I can increase (and actually, have increased!) max consecutive replies to allow this, but that does seem like a useful defense against potential abuse.

Could this be made to be a required delay between posts, instead? Perhaps, start with 10 seconds between posts, and double every time?


Sorry for treating feature as support, but cold you just let them edit the OP? Maybe make it a wiki if it were gong to go on for longer than the edit time for a topic?

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They could, but:

  1. I think separate posts actually make sense for a lot of these where it’s a sequence of updates where it’s actually interesting to see the history of what happened (like, designs being refined as they’re worked on).
  2. Many of our folks are primarily following by email. And emails aren’t sent for edits.
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