Misleading text for no results in user directory when ‘enable user directory’ disabled

Continuing the discussion from Text for no results in user directory:

I noticed another case where the text for no results does not fit.

When you have disabled enable_user_directory and someone visits /u, they see “A list of community members showing their activity will be shown here. For now the list is empty because your community is still brand new!”. However, this is not necessarily the case. The community may have existed for quite some time.


For your own site you can Customize text in Discourse. Since the user directory is enabled by default the message is for that setting.


Before the text was changed from “No results were found.” to the “your community is brand new” version, the text matched both cases. Since “No results were found.” was re-added for searching, I thought it could also be shown in this case without me replacing the string for all languages.

Or maybe visiting /u when the directory is disabled should work the same way it works for anonymous users when hide_user_profiles_from_public is enabled - they cannot open the directory at all.