Missing edit configuration under list of word/answer pairs


I am running automation plugin build a677bd30. (Newest as of March 10th) We’re using the auto responder for post created /edited. When I try to edit “List of word/answer pairs” I only get this pop up box.

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Hi @st0rm! :wave:

I just checked and I’m unable to reproduce. I’m running Discourse 447ed2c and Automation c4335f3. Could you update and see if the issue is persisting? If so, please use the web console in your browser to see if there are any error messages to share with us. :slight_smile:

Hey @maiki ,

I’ve updated to the newest builds and it seems to have the same issue. Looking at the web console I do have this. Hope it helps.


That’s a rate limit, try doing what you were trying to do, but slower.

Seems this commit has fixed the issue. FIX: Update how we pass values to `ModalJsonSchemaEditor` (#257) · discourse/discourse-automation@3a7db96 · GitHub


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