Missing font icon on new dev installation

Hi all.

I am discovering Discourse.
I have just installed it (v2.2.0.beta9 +83), for testing purpose for now.
I used the 30mn quick installation through docker, with the standalone sample.

I couldn’t set the email smtp right, but I could find help to activate my account in the database (update email_tokens set confirmed=true where email=‘myemail’) and I could log then. I am precising this just in case it were linked to my actual issue.

I could setup the wizard, and chose the light blue theme proposed by default. No plugin, extension, customization at all : I just try to install and test discourse.

The problem is : I have no icon at all in all the website, except for the personal icons I have uploaded during the wizard.

If it can be of help :

  • My computer is on Windows 10
  • I have a VirtualBox installed with Ubuntu 18
  • Docker and Discourse are installed in this Ubuntu
  • Because the DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME is mandatory during the setup, I have set it to localhost:8080
  • I have a redirection of the Ubuntu guest 8080 towards the Windows host 80 so that I can test in my host Chrome browser

I could use some help because the website is quite ugly without all the font awesome icons!


Remove the redirection and set the port to 8080 in the rails console.


Ok thank you Régis, I will first pass to “localhost” only and test in the guest browser to check if it can solve this font issue. If yes, I will see how to :

  • connect to rails console (seems to be rails c)
  • change the port
    PS : I’m a developer from the nodejs ans scala worlds, it is my first time on a ruby environment :slight_smile:

Yup, the rails console is rails c and you can set the port with SiteSetting.port = 8080 (Discourse specific).

That’s it, it was the redirection between host and guest which cut the fonts.
Thank you very much Régis ! :slight_smile: