Missing icon for likes on archived topics

I noticed this for a bit but forgot to report. On archived topics, the like count is shown on posts, but with no icon. I think it’s not clear that it refers to likes. (I was expecting maybe a greyed out heart to indicate you can’t like) Though you can still click on it to view the avatars underneath.


I see, good find, this appears for anons when viewing the topic

We should fix this your Monday @sam


Isn’t it intentional?

Yeah I am aware that liking is disabled on archived topics. However the number for the like count by itself seems confusing. I think previously, the button used to say “3 Likes” for example, whereas now it just has “3”.

Previously on archived topics we were not showing Like counts at all for anons. That behaviour changed (regressed) after this commit:

@codinghorror should we continue showing Like count (with proper icon) on archived topics, or remove the count like we used to do earlier?


Surely that has always been a bug? We just never noticed since archive is such a rare state in the wild.


I am unclear, is the bug fixed now?

It’s not fixed. What’s happening now is that there is no Like icon showing up for anon on archived posts, just the count. I will fix that to show (un-clickable) :heart: icon as well next to count.

Another bug I noticed is that for logged in users Like icon is not showing up on first post next to count (example here). Will fix that as well.


PR is up at

EDIT: PR is merged.


Thank you so much. :blush: I tested archiving a topic and viewing from anon, and there was the like icon next to the count