Missing Padding below post controls

Just noticed this while viewing Meta at half-width on my 1080p monitor. Could this be related to Ember upgrades, a strange resolution issue on my end, or is it a real bug?

Notice that the 1/2 button overlaps the reply button.

It’s especially noticeable when likes are expanded:

yeah this has been the case for quite a while.

in the past, prior to widgets we displayed the number below line to work around this issue.

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Any reason for switching it to be above the line?

Give it a shot in CSS, and post here, its surprisingly hairy.

I’m not a CSS expert by any stretch. I trust that if you guys tried already, I’m not going to do any better!

Like this?

If so, something like this might work:

#topic-progress-wrapper.docked #topic-progress {
    bottom: -35px;