Missing plural on some translation keys

I am finalizing plurals for Slovenian and have noticed that in mobile view there is number of topics total and in last week listed.

Problem is that these two keys all_time and week do not have plural enabled, therefore it is not possible to formulate them properly for Slovene.


As a workaround, I can use generic “skupaj” (most similar to total in English), however for week is harder as it is also used in desktop view in such form:

Here it is used as “3 per/this week”, right? While in mobile use it is without /, making it inconsistent.

No worries. I’ll look into it. :wink:


By now both desktop and mobile use a slash to display the number of new topics in the past week.

Mobile: image
Desktop: image

I have an ongoing task on my list to eradicate concatenated strings from our codebase, because not including things like full stops or a slash in translations is bad practice. So I’m definitely going to make some changes here. I’m just not sure how much change is needed yet.

@Lure Would you translate “<number> / week” differently depending on the number? The same goes for “<number> / month” and “<number> total”. I’m trying to figure out if pluralization is actually needed or not.


No, in :slovenia: we do not need pluralization here. Ensuring that concatenation does not happen in code will help greatly as it provides necessary context and flexibility in reordening to translator.