Missing prompt with new/updated topics

I am coming from Julia Programming Language Discourse that got the 3.0 update couple of days ago.
Since then, the notification about new/updated topics in a form of a banner at the top of page that allowed to refresh the list without reloading the website is gone.
I noticed it missing from the New and Latest tabs, so not sure how wide is the effect.

On the other hand, said banner is present for me on this Discourse, so it seems to be working but needs an additional configuration step?
I am not managing the Julia Discourse, so I would appreciate some guidelines that I could pass to the proper people.


That was indeed broken and we deployed a fix for this regression today. That fix will be deployed to the Julia Discourse instance soon.


Is there any plan to do a quick release on the beta branch for this problem? I see it has been backported to stable.

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Not sure we made this public yet, but we are dropping support for the beta branch soon, so you want to move away from that into our other release channels.


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